Mobile App FAQ

As a member, what can I expect when I first log on to the new Prospera mobile banking application?
The first-time you log on to the new Prospera mobile banking application you might experience a delay during log in because the application gathers your data as a “first time” user.

Can I use the new mobile banking application and the current one?
Once the new mobile application launches, you’ll see two Prospera mobile banking applications in the Google and Apple stores, one for the native application and one for the new application. You can use them interchangeably as you prefer, but you can’t use them simultaneously.

Can my accounts be grouped by membership when I have matched memberships like they used to be?
Based on the way the new system has been designed, we can no longer group by membership. Instead the accounts are grouped by product types, but the membership numbers do display on the accounts, so you know which membership they belong to.

As a small business member, can I use the new mobile banking application?
The new mobile banking application is not yet available for Prospera business members. For now, you’ll need to continue to use the native mobile banking application. But it will come available for small business users in the future so watch for updates.

What additional features will members see in the new mobile banking application?
The new application will include an optimized experience with options such as biometric login for Android users, the ability to show and hide the login password field, and the ability to open an account. Other features are being planned so watch for updates.

Does the new application lack any features that the current application provides?
There are some gaps and if you use Prospera tracker, Qtrade integration, and small business features or if you filter transactions, you can access these through the desktop. Apple Pay is not yet available on the new application, but you can use Apple wallet. We’re developing these features on the new platform, so watch for updates.

What new enhanced security features can I expect from the new mobile application?
The new digital banking mobile application supports 2 step verification. 2 Step verification replaces the use of static security questions you need to answer (e.g. What was the name of your favourite teacher) with dynamically generated one time verification codes. The codes are sent by text message or by email to a phone number or to an email address registered by the member receiving them. These codes are more secure due to their brief duration of use and they help avoid the frustrating situation in which members have forgotten the answers they have assigned to their security questions.

Why is Prospera moving to a new digital banking platform?
We’ve undertaken this exciting journey to move to a new digital banking paradigm across all platforms, online, desktop and mobile to provide members with an enhanced look, feel, and better banking experience. The new platform will incorporate industry best practices and increased agility. The new platform offers quicker to market and continuous access to state-of-the-art financial technology and enhances the value of your banking services.

What are the benefits of the new Prospera mobile banking application for me?
The new mobile banking application will be easy to use and will provide an intuitive look and navigation that will result in better experience for members. Our new digital banking products are designed to feature contemporary and high-impact design and will provide an improved and smoother-flowing experience. The application will be optimized for smaller screens and multiple types of devices. As part of a platform-based solution with open-innovation capabilities, it will be easy for us to add new state of the art features to these products over time. The new platform that we’ve built our products on is a shared foundation for ongoing adaptation and success, which means we can now leverage digital innovation to serve you better and maintain our competitiveness. Our shared success – as a business and its member-owners – is assured.