How to Bank Online

Prospera Online banking gives you access to your personal and business accounts 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Online Banking features include:

Transfer Money
Easily move money between accounts and to loans and mortgages. Transfers can be immediate, recurring and future-dated. Future-dated and recurring transactions can be viewed, edited and cancelled. You can also transfer money to other membership numbers. Other transfers include:

Interac e-Transfer
A fast and secure way to send or receive money in real-time to anyone with a mobile phone and/or email address and a Canadian deposit account. Best of all, you don't have to share financial account information.
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Direct to Me
Gives you the ability to transfer money between your Prospera account and your account at any other Canadian Financial Institution.
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Pay Bills
Paying your bills online has never been easier. Immediate and future dated bill payments can be made. Future dated payment can be viewed and cancelled. You can also pay multiple bills at one time. Need to add or delete a vendor? It's simple in online banking.

Banking on your Mobile Device
Using your phone to bank is easier than ever. See all .

Mobile Web Banking
Visit the mobile version of our website at with your smart phone to bank securely and quickly from virtually anywhere.
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Mobile Banking App
Bank quickly and easily with the mobile banking app for your Apple and Android devices.
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Mobile Text Banking
Check your account balances anywhere, at any time, using text on your mobile phone.
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Direct Banking Alerts
The “my alerts” feature allows you to register for alerts which will notify you via text message and/or email about specific activities on your account. These alerts will assist in monitoring your account for un-authorized activities and allow you to notify Prospera immediately should you feel your account has been compromised. These alerts include:

  • Login alert – notifies when someone logs in to online banking
  • Password change alert – notifies when someone changes the online banking password
  • New payee added alert – notifies when someone adds a new bill payment vendor through online banking
  • New Interac e-Transfer recipient added alert – notifies when someone adds a new e-Transfer recipient through online banking
  • Contact change alert – notifies when an email or phone contact is disabled or deleted in your registered profile.
  • Alert change – notifies when an active alert is modified or deleted from within your direct banking alert set-up.

Download Account Activity
Download to many popular accounting software packages: MS Money, Quickbooks, Quicken and Simply Accounting. Or export to spreadsheets and other applications. PDF format is also available.

Report a lost or stolen MEMBER CARD® debit card
Immediately prevent any use of a lost or stolen debit card by reporting it within online banking.

View your electronic statement online each month, including a history of statements.

ePost Mail Services
Register for ePost and receive your bills online. Click the pay button and you'll be automatically redirected to bill payments where the payee and bill amount will be pre-populated. You can add or delete ePost mailers and view and save ePost mail.

Canadian Revenue Agency
It's easy to add the CRA as a payee within online banking. Business members can make payments including GST 34 and 58, payroll and source deduction, and Corporation Tax.

Transaction Filters and Searches
Transactions can be filtered by deposits, withdrawals, cheques, ATM and POS transactions and bill payments. Search transactions by text, amount, reference number and cheque number.

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