Who We Are

We hold each other accountable to the following values:

Cultivate trusting relationships

Cultivate trusting relationships

We are local at heart, aligned in our purpose to help our members, communities, and team thrive.

  • Build trusting relationships with our members and each other
  • Keep our members and communities at the centre of everything we do
  • Give back to the communities where we work, live and play
  • Embrace diversity in all forms
Embrace change and execute with purpose

Embrace change and execute with purpose

We plan with agility, take action, and pivot to deliver results.

  • Innovate better ways to work and provide value to our members and communities
  • Embrace change with enthusiasm and pivot quickly
  • Deliver results to support our members, communities, and team
  • Prioritize quality and progress over perfection

Empower and enable others

Empower and enable others

We give each other the space, trust, and tools to succeed.

  • Take accountability for our commitments, actions, and results
  • Empower and enable our members, communities, and team to succeed
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully
  • Trust each other and act with integrity
Thrive as One Team

Thrive as One Team

We collaborate because it strengthens us.

  • Act beyond our roles and departments to put the good of the whole before individual interests
  • Succeed, fail, learn, and thrive as One Team
  • Have fun, be positive, and celebrate together
  • Share our trusted advice, skills, and assistance generously with our members, communities, and each other
Lead with curiosity

Lead with curiosity

We approach all circumstances with curiosity and a drive for continuous learning and improvement.

  • Listen and gather data to better understand our members, our business, our environment, and each other
  • Start with why: Be inquisitive when things are going well and when they are not
  • Experiment courageously, fail fast, and celebrate our learnings